Wayland takes its inspiration from mythology, focusing on forging a new path and creating strong products that provide real value to consumers.

Strong Foundations and Talent

Wayland is built on the foundation of years as a medical cannabis producer, and operates all lines of business according to global medical production standards. Our strong background in medical cannabis production allowed us to easily transition into the consumer cannabis market while maintaining the same medical standards across all brands. Our background in medical cannabis also allows us to bring a unique perspective to the development and marketing of cannabis products spanning the recreational and health & wellness spaces.

Wayland’s long history of hiring and developing high-performing talent has been a key part of our success. We have carefully curated a team with extensive experience in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, distribution, and global entrepreneurship. Each member brings unique skills and insights to form a dynamic team that is stronger than the sum of its parts and is ready to take on the ever-changing cannabis industry.

Brands and Retail

Wayland is committed to building consumer brands that consistently offer best-in-class products across the medical and non-medical cannabis categories. Wayland has taken a purposeful and consumer-centric approach to each of its brands and product offerings, validated and optimized with in-market consumer research. The strains available under each brand were selected to align with brand positioning and satisfy the expectations of the target consumers.

Partnerships and Technology

In the rapidly changing cannabis space, it is important to be nimble in order to stay ahead of the curve. Wayland has spent years building partnerships that improve consumers’ access to the best products around the world as well as investing in industry-leading research and development. This strategy allows Wayland to use leading technology to develop high-quality and technologically-advanced cannabis products that are sold around the world.